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So far, so good

September 14, 2008

Something is screwy about the title, author, and source fields parsed from the blog header text that we added in the configuration for the suscribe2 plugin of wordpress.  There are protected quotes in the header that I believe snarf has not handled correctly so far.  For this test I have wired the blog code back together, but added a stripper for backslash to match the strippers already in place for quote and double quote that are at the beginning of the text processing block. Let us see.

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Reveal more

The next preg_match is more complicated.  Assuming that it succeeds, I am setting the variables that it would otherwise set to known simple values.  It might be that the matches are toxic text that kills the database insertion call.  This should test that hypothesis.

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Incremental testing

Previous blog went into the database as default _email_ stream.  I have uncommented the initial test for blogness of the entry.  If this test is successful, the database will tag this entry as _blog_ but not processes it any differently than it would an _email_.

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Email forgery of blog submission is parsed correctly.

And it lands in the database as expected.  So, perhaps this actual blog entry works, I have found the main issues.

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Should we add a Testing category?

All of these short little test entries could be partitioned off away from potentially more meaty Development entries if we created a new Testing category.  But then again, that would add to the bloat of the category list.

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Another Attempt

Untangling the syntax of the blog headers we’ve chose is giving me all kinds of small headaches.

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Else If

Little bugs do not really deserve entire blog entries.  But every bug must be fixed.

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Illuminating process, this thing called debugging.

Another try.

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Laying in Streams

Adding code to differentiate between entries from four channels or streams currently supported: speech, blog, email, and jott (phone-to-text).  As this is just a test entry to see if the blog entries are correctly parsed and entered into the database I will make it short.

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Wading in while the water is still shallow…

September 8, 2008

Daniel has got the blog up and running. I believe that the next step (which it seems he has made some attempts at taking) is to feed the blog into snarf for ingestion and inclusion in the model data. Getting this done by the end of the coming weekend will be very useful.  After that, in addition to continued development of the infrastructure and the parallelization mechanism, I will begin to pour in information we’ve already accumulated relating to the concept and design of TEP.

Now: how do I tag this entry?

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