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The Emergence Project was made possible by the generous support of the Chicago Humanities Festival and the Hyde Park Art Center.

We’d like to thank:
Chuck Thurow, Executive Director HPAC
Allison Peters Quinn, Director of Exhibitions HPAC
Chris Hammes, Preparator/Media Technician HPAC
Kineret S. Jaffe, Ph.D., Director, Cultural and Civic Partnerships and Affiliations, University of Chicago Graham School
Peter Kuntz, Managing Director, Program & Production, CHF
C. Hewitt, Associate Director, Planning & Production ,CHF
Amanda Burr, Program Manager, CHF
Irena Knezevic

made in Processing Beta 0148
Thanks to: Ben Fry, Casey Reas,
RiTa.Wordnet library by Daniel C. Howe, based on WordNet®, a large lexical database by Princeton University Cognitive Science Laboratory
proXML library by Christian Riekoff
Physics library by Jeffrey Traer Bernstein, creatures based on Tendrils Example by Jeffrey Traer Bernstein
controlP5 library by Andreas Schlegel
MostPixelsEver library by Daniel Shiffman and Chris Kairalla
Flocking based on flocking example by Daniel Shiffman, based on an implementation of Craig Reynold’s Boids program

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